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Owner's Pride Podcast With Dann E. Williams

Dann’s Story

Maybe you’ve “hit the wall.” That may be a strange way to start talking about Dann, but it’s true. So many of us try to grow our business but get to the point that the growth stagnates. All the stress & anxiety weighs on you as you’re drowning in work, frustrated you don’t have a life and don’t know how to change your situation. You feel embarrassed that you’re not more successful. You’re stuck, confused. Dann has been there. He has a profound understanding of the obstacles detailing business owners face, having lived through them himself.

After losing the battle with alcohol and losing everything else as a result, Dann decided to rebuild his life. With almost nothing in his pockets, he started an auto detailing business as a side hustle and grew it from the ground up to grossing 6 figures by the time he sold it. He then got into the chemical supplier side of the industry and worked his way up to become the Co-Vice President of Business Development before accepting the offer to become a partner with Owner’s Pride. Working together, each member of the Owner’s Pride Leadership team brought a piece of what was needed and, under Dann’s leadership, (despite the pandemic) has emerged as a dominant force in the chemical supplier industry, currently in its fourth year of operation.

Dann’s Story
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Having experienced every step of the journey gives Dann a unique perspective and understanding on confronting challenges and achieving victory. His passion is to help others realize their true potential on a couple of levels. First, as the host of The Owner’s Pride Podcast, he features a wide range of guests from the detail world, bestselling authors and successful individuals from various fields. The show is a valuable resource for detailers and others seeking inspiration and knowledge.

More importantly, Dann helps business owners one-on-one through his Fix This Next certified coaching. He doesn’t just give tips and strategies. He helps small businesses, especially in the detail world, discover each step they need to take through the tough journey of building a business, reaching their goals and achieving success no matter where they are starting from.

The Biggest Challenge for Your Business

Let’s talk about a BIG problem for business owners: not knowing what the biggest problem is!

As a result, they constantly find themselves working on what feels (or are) the most apparent and urgent issues while (inadvertently) overlooking the most critical ones.

Dann’s coaching is based on a simple concept.

  1. Evaluate your business
  2. Apply the fix you need
  3. Find the next challenge

Wherever your business challenges are, with Dann’s coaching, you’ll have a system to pinpoint what your business needs most. You’ll also get step-by-step help to improve/fix that vital need. Then, you’ll find your next big thing and fix it. And the next… And the next… making your business grow the way you dream.

Mike Michalowicz, Author “Fix This Next”

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“ In just a year time…he’s doubled my profit…”

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Owner’s Pride Podcast

The Owner’s Pride Podcast features a wide range of guests from the detail world, as well as bestselling authors and successful individuals from various fields. Dann’s ability to engage with his guests and extract valuable insights has made the podcast a valuable resource for listeners seeking inspiration and knowledge. You’ll find content spanning the detailing industry, stories of resilience and success, interviews with business personalities (Behind the Buffer), and customer experiences (Behind the Wheel).

Owner’s Pride Podcast is for auto enthusiasts, detailers, and small business owners. Let’s grow!

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