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About Dann

Dann “E” Williams is a highly determined and resilient individual who currently holds the position of President of Business Development and Partner at Owner’s Pride car care products. Additionally, he serves as the host of the Owner’s Pride Podcast. Throughout his life, Dann has consistently displayed his unwavering commitment and perseverance in everything he pursues.

Dann’s journey began as a high school wrestler, where he first developed his tenacity and determination. Although he didn’t complete his college education at Indiana State University, where he was a member of the Theta Chi Fraternity, Dann’s passion for music took center stage in his early twenties. Fueled by his love for music, he formed a 7-11 piece funk band and embarked on an extensive tour across the southwestern United States during the 90s and 2000s.

Unfortunately, Dann’s battle with excessive drinking led him to seek rehabilitation for the second time at the age of 29. Despite losing everything, he managed to rebuild his life and started an auto detailing business in 2004. Over the course of nearly 13 years, Dann successfully grew and eventually sold his detailing business, venturing into the detail chemical supplier side of the industry.

OPDann’s impressive trajectory continued at Opti Coat, where he began as a consultant and gradually worked his way up to become the Co Vice President of business development. Recognizing his exceptional skills and experience, Dann was then invited to join Owner’s Pride as a partner just three weeks prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenging circumstances, the company experienced exponential growth under Dann’s leadership and has emerged as a dominant force in the chemical supplier industry, currently in its fourth year of operation.

Owner's Pride Podcast With Dann E. Williams - Footer LogoIn addition to his role as a business executive, Dann is a respected podcast host. Starting with his first podcast at Opti Coat, he was asked to continue hosting a podcast at Owner’s Pride. The Owner’s Pride Podcast features a wide range of guests from the detail world, as well as bestselling authors and successful individuals from various fields. Dann’s ability to engage with his guests and extract valuable insights has made the podcast a valuable resource for listeners seeking inspiration and knowledge.

Certified AdvisorFurthermore, Dann’s passion for helping others realize their true potential extends to coaching small businesses in the detail world. As a Fix This Next Certified Advisor, he takes pride in supporting and empowering entrepreneurs, sharing his expertise to assist them in achieving their goals.

Wherever your business challenges are, with Dann’s coaching, you’ll have a system to pinpoint what your business needs most. You’ll also get step-by-step help to improve/fix that vital need. Then, you’ll find your next big thing and fix it. And the next… And the next… making your business grow the way you dream.

To Sum It Up

In summary, Dann “E” Williams is a tenacious and determined professional who has excelled in various industries. As the President of Business Development and Partner at Owner’s Pride car care products, as well as the host of the Owner’s Pride Podcast, Dann continues to make a significant impact in the detail chemical supplier industry while sharing his insights and interviewing successful individuals from diverse backgrounds. His coaching endeavors reflect his genuine desire to help others unlock their true potential.

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