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Certified Fix This Next AdvisorAt Owner’s Pride, our focus is on empowering auto detailing businesses to achieve sustainable growth and success. We’re excited to introduce the Owner’s Pride Certified Mike Michalowicz Fix This Next coaching program, uniquely tailored to address the specific needs of auto detailing entrepreneurs.

About Fix This Next by Mike Michalowicz

Fix This Next, developed by renowned author and entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz, is a revolutionary methodology outlined in his book “Fix This Next.” This approach helps businesses identify and address their most crucial needs to achieve lasting prosperity.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Mike Michalowicz, Author of “Fix This Next”

“I’m thrilled that you are considering using Dann “E” Williams and the team at Owner’s Pride as your certified “Fix This Next” advisors. My name is Mike Michalowicz. I am the author of “Fix This Next” and Dann and the team are certified in the “Fix This Next” process which means they have the right tools, know-how, and experience to find the exact fix your business needs right now. Do the right thing in the right order and your business will grow in a healthy way. That’s what Dann and the team will do for you.”

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What our clients are saying…


“ Doing bigger and bigger sales every single year..”


“ Now I have 3 Shops, 12 guys, and I just keep growing…”


“ In just a year time…he’s doubled my profit…”

How Our Program Works

Our coaching program applies the Fix This Next framework to auto detailing businesses. Through personalized coaching sessions, we’ll guide you through the hierarchy of needs specific to the detailing industry, helping you pinpoint critical areas that require immediate attention. Together, we’ll develop a tailored strategic plan to address these needs and propel your auto detailing business forward.

What Sets Our Program Apart

Our program is not just certified by Mike Michalowicz—it’s uniquely tailored to the auto detailing
niche. This specialization ensures that you receive coaching and guidance directly relevant to
your industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Why Choose Owner’s Pride

By partnering with Owner’s Pride for your Fix This Next coaching, you’re gaining access to a program facilitated by Dann “E” Williams, who brings extensive expertise in the auto detailing industry. Our commitment to implementing Mike Michalowicz’s methodologies within this niche ensures that you’re receiving high-quality, industry-specific coaching and guidance.

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Fix your company's most vital need instantly

Fix your company's most vital need instantly

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Grow your business continuously

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Note: Content and methodologies are based on the Fix This Next framework by Mike Michalowicz, with facilitation by Dann “E” Williams.